4 Deck Veneer Dryer

4 Deck Roller Veneer Dryer is one of Shine roller veneer drying machines. It is equipped with automatic feeder which ensures a very high feeding rate. The 4 deck roller veneer dryer has the biomass burner or hot blast stove or wood fired heater or furnace as heat medium. The biomass burner has no heat loss by direct heating air and supplying to the dryer instead of indirect heating of water or oil. The drying cost is as low as $6-$12 per cbm. 

The 4 deck roller veneer dryers utilize the latest international technology of pressurized contact veneer drying, which has the advantages of simple operation, safety and practicality, stable operation, easy maintenance, hot-pressing-leveling--drying once completed, etc. The use of hot air circulation has greatly reduced the operating costs of enterprises, improved the quality of sheet materials and increased the production volume. 

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