Biomass Burner Veneer Dryer

Shine normal roller veneer dryer includes 20-60m and 1-3 deck,also we can design special models according to customer's special requirements.The veneer dryer produced by  Shine Machinery  is  widely used in flatting drying of high-grade plywood, multi layer board and architectural core face veneer. Shine 2 deck roller veneer drying equipment is equipped with environmental protection type hot air stove. its characteristics: save fuel, twice use of hot air , increase heating speed.the veneer after drying is flat,moisture content is up to national standard. Equipped with integral type high efficiency energy saving hot air stove. No boiler and other auxiliary equipment, no use water,coal, electricity. Rind ,wood chips and wood craps are all can be as fuel.  and can quickly achieve the heat required by the veneer dryer.

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